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Workshops »Awakening The Mind«

Guided Imagery Meditation and EEG-Biofeedback

     for beginners as well as for experienced meditators 

     with Annette Gudde and Matthias Jacobi

     17 - 19 March, 2023,  Iserlohn  (in German)
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If you would like to...

  • learn to meditate, deepen your meditation or experience it in a new way
  • become more creative, intuitive and flexible
  • learn more about consciousness, neurofeedback and brainwaves
  • learn to relax more easily
  • access your subconscious more easily
  • experience how alpha and theta feel to you

  • then...    these workshops might be for you!

    "Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind."

    • During this three day hands-on workshop we will use relaxation techniques and guided meditations to explore and train different states of consciousness, in particular the Awakened Mind.

    • We will use the Mind Mirror™ EEG monitor to identify your individual brainwave patterns. Feedback on your brainwave profile will help you to develop a sense of how the different states feel to you.

    • Specific exercises will help you to deepen your meditation and to access the creative potential of your subconscious.

    • The workshops are designed for beginners as well as for experienced meditators. The methods and meditations are independent from any specific school of meditation.

    For more Information:  

  • Registration: Please register by mail contact me

  • If you are a company or a group, we will be happy to specifically tailor a workshop     according to your needs. For any questions feel free to contact me.

  • Individual sessions:
        Annette and I will be happy to offer individual neurofeedback sessions.

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