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Consciousness, Meditation and Neurofeedback

     Creativity, Intuition, Thinking, »Aha«-Experiences, Peak Performance,      Relaxaton, Meditation, Dreaming and Deep Sleep...

Consciousness:  How does consciousness relate to our brainwaves?
     How can we train our consciousness to make it more flexible and powerful?

Neurofeedback:  Learn how brainwaves can be measured: EEG-Biofeedback
     using the Mind Mirror™

Brainwave training can help you to
  • learn or deepen your meditation, or to experience it in a new way,
  • enhance your creativity,
  • open yourself to »Aha«-Experiences and peak performance,
  • relax and reduce stress,
  • be open, flexible and creative whenever you wish!
     The Mind Mirror is like one more sensory organ to help you experience and »feel«
     your brainwaves

                     »Aha - this is what theta feels like«

Hirnwellenbild eines Awakened Mind in Echtzeit
                      »Awakened Mind« brainwave pattern

Some parts of this website are not yet available in English. To get an idea, you might want to check out the German site...

hirnwellen hirnwellen

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hirnwellen hirnwellen


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