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Links + Videos

Word for the Day    Be inspired by the Word for the Day on gratefulness.org, brother David Steindl-Rast's website.

The Anna Wise Center    Anna's homepage

Future Health    Biofeedback site, obituary for Anna Wise.

Anna Wise: The Sequential Awakened Mind   

Mind Mirror EEG    Website by Neil Hancock about the Mind Mirror and Maxwell Cade.

www.thoughttechnology.com    Informations about the ProCom 2 and ProCom 5 EEGs, the hardware of the 4th generation of the Mind Mirror.

Long-term meditators and gamma activity    Article in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America), 2004 (pdf).

Video: Split brain research    YouTube: Video about a patient who had the connection between his two hemispheres surgically removed.

EEG-Spectrum    American website about medical applications of eeg-biofeedback.

Esalen Institute    The most beautiful workshop center I have ever been to... if you want a workshop with Anna Wise, this is the place.

Video: Ken Wilber with a Mind Mirror II

Video: Split brain research:    About a man, who had to have surgery to cut through the connection between his right and left hemisphere (Corpus Callosum).


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