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Brainwaves - and what they represent (part 2)

States of consciousness: a symphony of different brainwaves

The different states of consciousness can be described as combinations of beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwaves. (There is still research being done on gamma brainwaves and their significance). Most of the time we see not only one category of brainwaves but rather a combination of brainwaves interacting in concert.

Wachzustand "Normal" waking state (Gurdjieff called it "waking sleep"): beta brainwaves alone or in combination with delta (hour glass pattern).
Please note that the amplitude is highest at 38 Hz, the curve is open at the top. This "splayed" beta is another form of beta than the low frequency beta of the awakened mind.

Meditation Meditation: alpha and theta in combination, delta may also be present.
Both alpha and theta are necessary here: without alpha we would not be conscious during the meditation or remember its content, if theta is lacking we experience a lively and colorful imagination but without the depth, profundity or insight of theta.


Awakened Mind Awakened mind: You will produce an awakened mind pattern first described by Maxwell Cade if you add low frequency beta to the meditation pattern.
You will then be able to tap into the intuition of delta, the creative inspiration, personal insight or spiritual consciousness of theta, the relaxed, detached imagery of alpha and the conscious processing of thoughts in beta, and all of this simultaneously!!

Anna Wise and Maxwell Cade discovered that while producing an awakened mind information (the "content" of consciousness) can flow freely between all levels of consciousness if all categories of brainwaves are present and in correct interrelation to each other. Consciousness is then sharper, faster, more flexible and unique. The awakened mind is the key to creativity and connects the various levels of our personality. When the different brainwaves of the awakened mind occur not simultaneously but in close succession, the pattern is called a sequential awakened mind. Sudden deep insights and aha-experiences are usually correlated with a brief flash of an awakened mind pattern. Please note that in an awakened mind pattern there is very little high frequency beta that is associated with inner unrest, repetitive thinking, stress and analytical thinking.

The awakened mind pattern is not only commonly found in yogis, but is also usually present in kids of pre school age. After school starts the pattern gradually changes and shows more and more high frequency ("splayed") beta found in most adults, whereas theta and alpha become less present.

This is an awakened mind pattern as it shows on the Mind Mirror screen:

Hirnwellenbild eines Awakened Mind in Echtzeit

And what kind of brainwaves are the best?!?

As Anna Wise states, it is not about spending our entire life in an awakened mind pattern, but to attain mastery of our brainwaves. Mastery means, we want to be able to be in the state of consciousness (the brainwave pattern) of our choice at any given time, and to achieve what we want to do with it. So flexibility and mastery is what we are looking for.

We also look at the state of consciousness and its content. The state (e.g. the awakened mind) can be seen as the "hardware", that allows us to process content (creativity, decisions in any area of life, health, spiritual growth..., the "software"). State and content are in interrelationship with each other, i.e. certain content can help stimulate certain brainwaves, and the different brainwave patterns can help to access various kinds of content.

Can you learn to produce an awakened mind pattern, the brainwaves of the yogis? Yes, we all can. We all had an awakened mind pattern in preschool age. With some practice and with modern equipment and technology it is possible even if you are leading a busy professional and private life. Find out more  here.

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